Sunday, October 15, 2006


As I clicked away photographing our friends when were with on our day out in the town of Speyer in Germany, they were also clicking away with their ‘phone cameras.’

This is a composition of images they took of me. The photograph I published – phonesRus – was taken with ‘my little digital’ (image bottom left) a Minolta Dimage Xt.

The various images were Taken by Michael, Kerstin, Elka & Ute, but not necessarily in that order.


Lisi said...

Wilf, you have a big camera! I should arrange for a similar post in HKDP, it looks pretty cool

dutchie said...

Nice theme, also like the one below very much that you took of them!

Anonymous said...

i've noticed your friends' holding the mobile phones photo :) quite expected this coming soon:p nice series, i like Dp sites with such thoughtfulness:D it makes 'visiting each site' more interesting! Thank you...


p.s. I've dedicated a song to Luca, check mine today:)