Tuesday, October 03, 2006


A photograph of a photograph in a phone, technology moving along and me having fun on vacation and seeing what happens when you play around with digital imagery.

This is a picture of Elka the sister-in-law of our friend Michael in Germany. She was showing the half time results of having her hair done. Who know what she will do when she sees that I have published this on my photo-blog.

I have some more fun photographs which I will blog over the next week or so but maybe I should get out and about and see what is happening locally, after all this is supposed to be about Réal.

If you would like to see more of my vacation fun snaps let me know.


Lisi said...

haha, that means you didn't ask for permission this time? sure vacation photos or Real photos are great...btw, thanks for dropping by, I know it's not easy with dial-up ;p

Anonymous said...

But she is very nice, so, no reason to be angry at all:) Fine is also Nokia phone - it`s from Finland, thanks for advertising it!
Greetings from Finland!