Friday, October 27, 2006

Rolling Tarn

The rolling country side of the Tarn, this image was taken at this time last year but similar scenes can now been seen all around us, but I do like this shot.

Autumn is here the clock changes this weekend. Do I get an extra hour in bed?

Although today like others we have had lately would fool you into thinking that summer is still with us as it was so warm. The tress are slowly changing colour but imperceptibly so and the winter crops have are being sown. When the colder weather does visit us for the first time it will be a bit of a shock as there has been no slow change into the colder weather.


Lisi said...

wow, you guys use green carpet outdoor in Real??? Wilf, I remember it is one of these great green field photos that made me a fan of your blog. I'm ready to see the green becoming yellow soon :-)

Anonymous said...

so green so beautiful.....How does it feel to lie down and watch the clouds in the sky?