Friday, October 06, 2006

Mushroom Season

It is open season for mushroom picking in France. With autumn gradually taking over from summer and the amount of rain we have had the mushrooms have begun to sprout in the woodland that surrounds us.

As I drive the country lanes there are cars parked alongside the wooded areas and one would think that there are lots of people interested in an autumnal walk in the woods, but no they are after mushrooms! Les ceps and les bolets are what they are after at the moment. If you are not an expert mushroom hunter you can always take your collection to the nearest chemists – Pharmacie – who by law and training are able to identify what you have found. At this time of year you can find yourself in a queue clutching your prescription for medication and the person in front of you may have a bag full of mushrooms to be identified.

Me, I found this specimen at the bottom of the garden – and I left it there after taking the photograph.

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Lisi said...

Wilf, very interesting info...bringing a bag of mushroom to the pharmacy is totally a new idea to me...and no wonder there have been quite a few mushroom photos in DP blogs these days :-)