Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Season Change

The hustle and bustle of country life. Season change and the fields which earlier in the year were so green have now been plowed to the colour brown.

The view from the bottom of the garden and things may not change as quickly as in the city but change they do. I am sure the next thing to happen will be the sowing of a winter crop and more change will gradually take place.

I just love the pace of life here!


Michael said...

Hi Wilf,
I right found time to catch up with your blog again ... and smiled about a lot of pics which you have posted recently. Just now I'm wondering about how Elke will welcome you next time ;-)
Still laughing!

Lisi said...

Wilf, I remember the amazing green in summer...does it snow in Real?

Chris said...

Amazing shot of that wonderful quality of ground that can be found in south west of France. Imagine how corn grows in such a good material.
PS : Love your profile shot :)