Saturday, October 07, 2006

Clean up

Lisi asked what was going on in Réal; well autumn is slowly taking over the days are still soft and warm but with a evening chill.

I have been working cleaning up in the garden so today’s exciting photograph is the first fire of the season burning the rubbish from the garden. It always amazes me how weeds always manage to grow faster than anything else. On the other hand because of all the recent rain the countryside is lovely and green and the autumn colours have yet to appear – but it won’t be long.


Felicia said...

This IS an exciting photograph! We are not allowed to burn our trash or garden waste - oooooh fire! And a beautiful view of the countryside too.

Michael said...

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Lisi said...

nice view and a bit about your work too...the landscape is beautiful. Btw, nice choice of a new profile photo, Mr L is truly part of Real DP.