Saturday, October 28, 2006

Taxi Driver

We spent the day in the town of Cahors which is in the departement of the Lot about 100 kilometers north of Réal. I want to go back and take a more photographs but I did manage to get few.

I have been talking a great deal about the weather we are having, I’m not complaining because we have had another day that would fool you into thinking that we are no further into the year than the month of July. For sure the trees are beginning to show their autumn colours but only just and temperatures are reaching as high as 25°C maybe more.

Sitting outside having lunch today was a pleasure when you realize than we are at the end of October. We are enjoying it whilst it lasts.

I could not resist taking this photograph of a taxi driver, he also preferred to enjoy the warmth of day and have a siesta, after all no one was looking for a taxi and they strolled about in the sunshine.


Anonymous said...

The taxi looked so disguised. You know our taxi will never looked like this. And surely the taxi driver would not have the luxury to take a nap in the warm sunshine becos otherwise they would be fined:)

Very relaxing shot for a sunday post, Wilf...

Denton said...

Maybe he is off duty!