Saturday, October 21, 2006

Praying Mantis

Just when you think that the lovely warm days are gone the pleasant surprise that the south of France can give you are days like today. Today could well have made you believe that spring was in the air, it was so beautiful.

I did some clearing up in the garden and came across this Praying Mantis enjoying the warmth of the sun. A bit difficult trying to get a good photograph with my ‘little digital’ but I managed to get a passable photograph.

A word of warning to other gardeners who might be doing their own autumn clean ups and preparing for winter; I was putting on a pair of garden gloves and felt this sharp pain in my little finger. A wasp had decided to hibernate (I presume) in the glove and stung me right on the tip of my little finger. The wasp is dead and I have a very sore and swollen little finger.


Anonymous said...

Oh Wilf,

You better go to see a doctor...sometimes it will take a longer while for the swell to subside. Please take care:)

anyway the praying mantis photo is great!

Eric said...

I love the green in the mantis, but moreso the story of the wasp. Ouch!

Wilf James said...

This was my third sting of the year so I should have mentioned I had all the medication and managed to limit the swelling that earlier in the year, with my first wasp sting, had the back of my hand completly swollen.

Nearly back to normal, but what a surprise!!

Lisi said...

ouch...a wasp in a glove, it was obviously at the wrong place at the wrong time...take care :-)

that looks like a big fat praying mantis or is it a thin branch?

Wilf James said...

Hi Lisi,

Oh it was quite fat, but no sting! The wasp was small and unseen but packed a punch, or in this case a sting.

Mountainboy said...

Wow, an education! I didn't realise mantis lived in France.

dutchie said...

That is a great educational story 9(and a lovely picture;0)
I have a variation (true story) on this theme. It's rather gross so if you have a sensitive stomach stop here.
On winter night my sister came over to my apartment and asked if she could wear my houseshoes/pantouflles. Sure i said.
She put them on and after a while said; that's weird, my foot is getting wet.
There was a mouse in there.
A dead mouse.
And she squeezed it.

Told you so.