Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Toussaint Flowers

Halloween is upon us and in France it is a relatively new thing, imported from the US and the UK over the past 10 or so years.

Here the French get ready to place flowers on the graves of their loved ones who are no longer of this life. Whole areas are given over to the pre-sales of these flowers in preparation of the 1st of November - TOUSSAINT


Lisi said...

Toussaint...that would be all saints day I guess, interesting that we also had a similar Chinese festival yesterday.

Anonymous said...

:) lovely colours! we have them everywhere as well

Anonymous said...

nice potted flowers...:) a better idea would be to buy flowers for your loved ones now where they can get to smell or touch it than later. It is a strange practice by lots of people (everywhere in the whole wide world) that more attention is given after 'they are gone', shouldn't it be the other way around?;)

luggi said...

Keep Halloween out of France, that's what I say.