Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Luca F1

Regulars to Réal DP know I post the occasional photograph of our new grandson who was born at the end of January this year. He lives with his parents in the UK but will soon be off with his mother to see his Grandmother and other family in Brazil. I think they are due to go about mid November.

I think his Dad, my son, maybe getting him ready for a career in one of those fast motor sports now that Michael Schumacher has decided to retire. Will he drive for Brazil or Scotland? So many decisions for this international baby to make, or perhaps he just likes posing in front of the camera.

Photo by his Mum Izabel James.


Lisi said...

Luca is the reason Schumacher retired? LOL...he's so cute and sure doesn't want to be merely a backseat driver ;-)

Lisi said...

btw, isn't he the main man here?

Wilf James said...

You are so right Lisi - He is the main man!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh........he's so cute.........look at his lovely eyes..really mersmerized me;)

i wanna, wanna, wanna.......hold him.....pls pls...

Great Shot, Wilf!:) Thanks for your participation for that mini ''DAWN or DUSK" Quiz :) It was taken at 4:59PM, so you are 50% CORRECT;) CONGRATULATIONS...it's a sunset:)


p.s. hope Natalie has calmed down a little by today ''p

Anonymous said...

My how he's grown! What a great smile and sparkling eyes!