Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tourist shop in Gordes

The last of summer is well and truly gone even from the south of France. Today was nice and mild with a high of 25°C which is not bad at all.

We had a bit of rain in the late afternoon and I was looking at some summer photographs so I decided to post this one from the village of Gordes. Provence, France.

It is quite a distance from Réal in the Tarn, but it is still easily within a days drive.


Kate said...

What a lot of "stuff!" Did you succumb?

Wilf James said...

Not in this shop, but yes my wife did succumb in another shop. We found out later that of course we paid well over the normal price for our purchase

Anonymous said...

Ah Gordes, my parents had a summer house in the garrigue just a couple of kilometres away, so this used to me a favourite haunt. Thanks for the memories!

bcinfrance said...

I know the area too. Terribly touristy in the summer, isn't it?