Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wilf and Ghislaine

Okay, well I hope you all want to see more of my holiday snaps, although we are now at home in Réal in France the weather has turned very autumnal with lots if rain and the temperature is slowly dropping and summer is over. I am sure we will still have those lovely sunny warm autumn days that the south of France produces and makes living here a joy.

So here is a photograph of the relaxed holiday couple – me and Ghislaine in the town of Speyer in Germany.

Lisi to answer your question, I have no problem taking photographs of people and yes I generally ask before taking, but sometimes the image is just there and needs to be taken at that moment with no time to ask. The cute artist guy I took two photos of and I did ask him if it was ok and he nodded his consent. I published the second one with him looking directly at me, the image looked better that way. Normally I am using my little digital which is no bigger than a pack of cards so I am no different to thousands of other tourists with a camera.

Photo by Kerstin Lohmar - taken with 'My Little Digital'


Lisi said...

Hi Wilf, thanks for the tips...and I'm also looking forward to see Real in Autumn...and how about one of Luca?? ;p

Friendship quote said...

Congrats Wilf! You have very nice blog. I loves to see picture. Very good collection.