Friday, October 20, 2006

Muddy Waters

The storm that came in from the Mediterranean coast and inland into areas of the Languedoc Roussillon dropped a lot of rain in the departements of the Héralt and Aude.

Over the past couple of days the river Tarn has turned to the color of earth. It has traveled quite a few hundred kilometers as it rushes on its way to join the river Garonne just after the town of Moissac, another hundred kilometers downriver.


Anonymous said...

I lived in Avignon for 12 years on a Peniche (barge) and I do remember how the river Rhone flooded and turned muddy after heavy rains. Powerful memories !

For a different kind of adventure, head for Sydney this weekend: you'll see a kangaroo!

Lisi said...

Nathalie, living 12 years on a barge, that sounds a really different life!

Wilf, muddy color, that's a change from the usual green in Real...the photo yesterday is beautiful too. When we travel in Europe we often spend lots of time in shops like this :-)

jkiel said...

There's a river here in southern Utah which is always this color of reddish brown. Funny thing is, the name of this river is the "Virgin"!